Yoki Attitudes is a global artists’ community aiming to familiarize you with the work of the creators that takes life on everyday objects that we love.

Photography / graphic design / painting / industrial design / architecture / graffiti are some of the arts displayed by Yoki Attitudes.

Initially we launch unique organic t-shirts printed with top quality inks and vinyl stamps. We love the environment and that's why our aim is to sell solely organic cotton t-shirts before the end of 2013 and also buy wholesale only from companies that share same beliefs, such as Continental Clothing who is a member of Fair Wear and EJF, organizations founded to support environmental security and the improvement of labour conditions worldwide.

The equation is: art + ink + organic cotton = Yoki

All artists will be introduced by Yoki Attitudes with their own profile which will include samples of their work as well as their contact details (site, e-mail etc). This way all artists get a chance to show their work, new projects and ideas and also their activity in the field of arts.

You are part of this community, too. We will be in touch in order to inform you about events and exhibitions that we like and of course accept your tips and comments through Yoki Attitudes blog.

YA is also here to introduce music bands with a sample of their work. We will be following their steps in Greece and abroad.

We are still romantics as we believe in the nature of art to embellish our life on an everyday basis.