cheapart 16 | 2-23.12.2010 - cheapart

Cheapart16 will open its doors to the public and 150 artists will welcome you all on Thursday 2nd December at 20:00 durig the simultaneous opening at Cheapart and at gallery A. Antonopoulou. The exhibition will be open until 23rd December 2010.

After 15 years of successful cheapart events and looking back it all seems like a Greek contemporary art fairytale. Looking forward it seems more fresh and timely, than ever. The huge participation of artists, the selected exhibitions, people's support, but also the spreading outside the borders indicate a healthy organism that plans for the future, with no fear. Cheapart gives the opportunity to even more artists to create new art with no stress and also experiment in an art - friendly environment. At the same time creates a new, non-existing market that offers the possibility to the new στον art lover to get initiated in the art market. The power of this market rises rapidly within the last 15 years creating a force to be reckoned with solid foundation and knowledge that supports art systematically. This market and its public is mature enough to face all easy and tough situations. On the other hand the artist can experiment and also try new ideas, redefining this way his public, when coming in direct contact with them and not via intermediaries. And of course discussions between artists, exchange of opinions help preserve a good environment. The important thing is the collaboration and the creation of an art society that is based on mutual respect and trust. There is this chain: WORK - ARTIST - PUBLIC and this doesn't work if one of the links breaks. There can be no works without the artist and no artist without a public. Someone can select the already existing public of the arts or he can discover a new one that is willing to approach and buy art. Cheapart  gives this opportunity offering low communicational price of art works - once a year - to all art lovers that get familiar with new artists and their work.