Yoki Attitudes suggests: Photo exhibition by Renee Revah, entitled Kainos Chronos from 12th till 30th January at Booze Cooperativa Opening day: Monday 16th January 2012

Booze Coopeativa presents Renee Revah's photo exhibition entitled Kainos Chronos. The exhibition is combined with Marousos karaleka's choreography performed by Mimi Antonaki and Antonia Zagoriti, text by writer Yianni Filippidi, while Dimitris Lignadis lends his voice for the occasion.

The perception of time is theoretically impossible as we are in it. However, there may no other meaning so obscure and at the same time being constantly present in our minds and lives. And the reason is that time is defined for us by death. That is the end of the visible time.

Photography has a special relationship with time, as it the only form of art that uses time as its content. To be more precise all arts are connected with time but only photography has it as its main content. Photography was born because time exists.
Every image consists of one clear piece of time. The click makes visible whatever the eye fails to see. It isolates a piece of life's continuous stream. More precisly it isolates a particular corner of a small slice of time.

The reaction from the viewer of a photo involves the stimulation of the time within his own field of memories and its future projections.

The viewer of the photo knows (and this is important) that what's been looked at is already done, alreadw was somewhere, sometime.

Has the sense of remaining for a lifetime at the same point of time.

The photograph does not speak about the motion, but for the immobility.

Time is expressed magically and menacing out of its stream.

The faces of the people, brought every day closer to death, become more expressive, they carry time within them. The ruins of the houses show the real beauty of their shapes and lines only after they are ruined. The story is written on the fallen stones of their monuments.

All these thoughts and sensations they frighten and at the same time attract you and they sure are a point of great beauty in an endless present.

So long as the photographer wonders about nature and also the uniqueness of photography he realizes that time is the inevitable answer.