INK – The Tattoo Project // ATHENS

INK – The Tattoo Project // ATHENS

20.1-13.2.2011 INK - The Tattoo Project at Taf the Art Foundation (Normanou 5, Monastiraki)    

Pantelis Zervos / Ilias Anastasiadis

Curator: Renata Konstantinou / Lightroom Projects 

Taf presents in collaboration with Lightroom Projects the photography exhibition Ink - The Tattoo Project by Pantelis Zervos and Ilias Anastasiadis, which will run from January 20 to February 13, 2011. 

The exhibition explores aspects and meanings of tattoo, as they are depicted in about 200 diptych photographic portraits. 

The social reception and connotations of tattoo have been considerably differentiated throughout the years. INK - The Tattoo Project focuses in tattoo as narration of personal stories, transmission of messages, relation of conflict, transition and acceptance of oneself and the social environment. The exhibition presents photographs of tattoos in correlation with the portraits of their owner, and invites spectators to observe, compare the documentations, decode this visual and bodily code of communication, and to form their own interpretations. 

Pantelis Zervos and Ilias Anastasiadis worked together for 12 months having the subject as common interest - while they did not have a tattoo themselves. Ilias was founding the appropriate people and Pantelis was photographing them. There were more than 200 tattoo holders that visited the photographer's studio and shared their numerous vivid stories on how they acquired their tattoos.