Friday 3rd December 2010, at Gagarin 205 Live Music Space    

Here are the Sonics, again! After the 2 amazing live performances of last year, attended by more than 2.000 rock 'n' roll fans, the legendary Sonics, the top garage-punk group, returns to Athens on Friday 3rd December 2010 at  Gagarin 205 Live Music Space!

We don't need to say much about Sonics. Having in mind  the song titles alone is enough to give you a preety good idea of they're all about. This is the band that wrote "Psycho", "Strychnine", "Cinderella", "The Witch", "Boss Hoss", "He's Waitin", "Maintaining My Cool", "Shot Down", "Dirty Old Man" and at the same time has made singles like "Have Love Will Travel" and  "Louie Louie" popular and classic.

Without a doubt this is one of the most important and affective bands in the history of rock'n'roll! The outrageous vocals, the wild fuzz guitars, the blasting bass, together with the craziest saxophone that we've ever heard, created a unique combination that literally shook the world of music! Those that were influenced by them are countless. From Cramps, the Fuzztones, the Nomads, the Dead Boys, the Fall and the Last Drive to Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana, Mudhoney and the White Stripes.

About a year ago the Sonics visited Athens for the first time, during the 5th "Athenaeum Cave", the annual mod / 60's happening organized by Belle Vue . The first sounds came from Larry Parypa's guitar, the night of the 6th November, were really touching! The single "He's Waiting" was the beginning of an unbelievable  75 minute crescent, during which we realized what true rock 'n' roll means in its purest form. All that attended the performance at Gagarin 205, that night or the next, know very well what happened.Even the ones that don't believe in all kinds of reunions or reappearances of great names of the past saw all their reservations disappear in the most simple way once they saw this unique party of 5 evergreen musicians in their sixties, who offered us one of the best and at the same time enjoyable live experiences ever. These people have the soul of 1000 new bands all together. Simply touching.

The Sonics:
Gerry Roslie - vocals / keyboards
Larry Parypa - guitar
Rob Lind - sax
Ricky Lynn Johnson (ex-Wailers) - drums
Freddie Dennis - bass / vocals

Doors open at 21:00.
Tickets cost 30 EUR and you can find them at the Ticket House (Panepistimiou 42 Athens / Tel. 210 3608366) and online at