The first Swing Thing is ready and waiting for us at Fuzz Club on Sunday, 21st November 2010


The first Swing Thing is ready and waiting for us at Fuzz Club on Sunday 21st November, promising a night full of the big bands' interwar music, the Savoy ballroom of Harlem atmosphere and the supreme style of the Swing Kids!

For the 1st time in Greece we will have the chance to enjoy the top swing band of the world that writes history with every live performance, we are talking about the Royal Crown Revue (RCR), and they are responsible for reviving swing music during the 90's. Royal Crown Revue were founded in 1989, and they made their record début  2 years later with their album "Kings of Gangster Bop". But it was their second album, titled "Mugzy's Move"(1996) that made them famous and gave them their contract with Warner Brothers. Their second album called "Caught in the Act", was a collection of recorded live performances that gave us one of the most favourite cult hits, called "Barflies at the beach". Six albums followed as well as hundreds of successful live presentations, and it was thanks to them that they now have millions of devoted and passionate funs all over the world. New York Times speak of a band that tours continue-sly and is very professional while People magazine says that this band's enthusiasm is contagious!

The first Swing Thing gives also the opportunity to 2 of the most popular greek swing μπάντες, the HiRollers and the Penny & the Swinging Cats.

Since 2005 that HiRollers were founded they have managed to create their own music style that focuses on dancing rhythms like Lindy Hop, Swing, Boogie Woogie, Jive and Stroll, and at the same time they re-edition their favourite rock 'n roll songs.

Penny & the Swinging Cats invites us to travel through time and play, dance and sing with the rhythms of swing, jive and charleston, and also the remakes of soul - funk songs.

With swing you have no choice but to hear dance and sing! In that sense Swing Thing I also presents 3 of the most important swing dancing groups, Athens Lindy Hop, AthensSwing Riots and Athens Swing Cats that teach dancing in its original form.

Athens Swing Riots are here with flowers on their hair and a crazy desire for Pina Colada and Mai Tai, while Athens Lindy Hop when they stop dancing the jump on the decks in between the bands' appearance and promise to stay and after RCR have finished their performance. The 3 groups dress with the most stylish 50's clothes and they lead us to the dance floor and teach us the steps!

The Swing Thing I. It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing.

20.00: Athens Lindy Hop - Athens Swing Riots - Athens Swing Cats dance performance
21.30: HiRollers
21.55: Penny & the Swinging Cats
22.30: Royal Crown Revue
Dj set: Athens Lindy Hop

Ticket pre-sale price: 28€ , Cashier: 35€
Pre-sale: Metropolis, Public, Ticket house and on-line at