Yoki Attitudes suggests: Calexico live at the Fuzz Club, Pireos 209 & Patriarchou Ioakim 1, Tavros. Tel. 210-3450817 email:

The name Calexico, which is a city in the USA and and also our favorite band, comes from an abbreviation of the words California and Mexico. And what else could be more fitting for a sound that comes from the depths of the American desert, where the Wild West meets Latin America.

This strange mix is expressed by the Americans song writers who combine the country guitars with mariachi horns, creating fascinating soundscapes that have enthrilled us all. The dynamism and edge-of-razor transmitted by "Crystal Frontier" describing life in the U.S. and Mexico border, through the windswept plane graveyard described in the "Two Silver Trees" and reaching the turbulent melodismo of "Maybe On Monday", the music of Calexico can only create feelings and images to the listener.

And now John Convertino and Joey Burns together with their friends, return to Greece for two performances of exotic sound beauty. The last time the "boarding passes" for  the "flight" of Calexico in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras had been sold out. This time we expect the same crowd, so "book a seat" for the melodic Calexico journey.

Pre - sale for the concert in Athens has started!
Presale@Tickethouse (University 42), Public (Constitution) and online at www.ticketpro.grTickets for Athens: 26 € presale / 30 € checkout.
Start time: 21:00



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t-shirts yoki attitudes selection