Yoki Attitudes suggests: Athens Flying Week will take place in the last week of September 2012 - from Monday the 24th until Sunday the 30th - and all activities will lead to the peak of the event, which is the Air Show that will be at Tatoi Airfield on the 29th and 30th of September 2012.

Athens Flying Week is designed to become the major flying event for the city of Athens.

Initially, for the year 2012, the project will take place in the last week of September - from Monday the 24th until Sunday the 30th - and all activities will lead to the Weekend at Tatoi airfield.

Having the first thoughts about the project we realized that Tatoi airfield is the best suitable area for such a large scale event. So, we managed to ensure, confirm and verify that the Ministry of Defense will cooperate and share the scopes and vision of Athens Flying Week.

Athens Flying Week will be implemented through promotional events (weekdays) and during the weekend the Tatoi airfield will host the Air Show plus a series of ground events, activities & happenings, such as: fly in, conference, exhibition, kids park, fly simulators, aeromodelism, addiction flights as well as hospitality area, dj line ups & happenings.

Every step of the project is planned in order to provide a unique experience to those who want to live the thrill and excitement of flights. Our aim is to bring those feelings to children, youngsters and families as well as to aviation pilots, in a first seen manner for national standards.

Athens Flying Week is not intended just for visitors from Athens. Our target is a broader national and international audience. Future additions and adjustments will establish Athens Flying Week as an international flying event that will excel to a point of interest for the national and international tourist market.

Another important aspect of Athens Flying Week is that it will add another tourism product in the city of Athens and in this will contribute the Municipality of AthensSETE and the Athens-Attica Hotel Association.

Also, with the kind support of AOPA HELLAS, a Fly In will be held from 28.09.2012 up to 1.10.2012. We invite the Greek and international aircraft crews to attend and enjoy a two day Air Show, along with a vacation package that will get them acquainted with the city of Athens and Greece in general.

See you all in Athens, the last week of September!


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