Yoki Attitudes suggests: The Walkabouts at Kittaro Live (Ipirou 48 & Acharnon), on Saturday 28th January 2012. Tickets:Presales: 22 ευρώ - On site: 25 ευρώ

One of Greece's favourite bands, The Walkabouts return to Greece to perform live on Saturday 28th January at Kittaro live in Athens.

Carla Torgerson and Chris Eckman are the core and founders of the band since 1984 and consist of the sole band from Seattle that hasn;t followed the grunge movement although they did sign with Sub Pop. Songs like The Light Will Stay On, Life Full of Holes, Nightdrive, Follow me an Angel, Will you Miss me When I am gone caprivated the greek audience and prove the love with which they welcome the band each time the band visits Greece. 
Their special connection with Greece is also evident in their songs where 2000 the single Train leaves at eight is actually a different version of Mickey's Theodoraki's song, while at the same time they include reeditions of their favourite song writers such as: Goran Bregovic, Jacques Brell, Deus, Fabrizio De Andre and many more. The 22 EP and albums are considered small diamonds of folk, country and indie rock music. 
The Walkabouts:
Terri Moeller/ drums, percussion, backing vocals
Glenn Slater/ hammond organ, piano, vibes, synthesizer
Michael Wells/ bass guitars & fuzz harp
Carla Torgerson/ vocals, electric guitar, cello, electric kalimba
Paul Austin/ electric & acoustic guitars
Chris Eckman/ songwriting, vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, piano, synthesizer, string arrangements

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