Yoki Attitudes suggests: Jumping Fish of COSMOTE presents Jumping Fish Festival on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 of December at Fuzz Club. Tickets cost 10 euro. From Monday 14 November titcket presale will be available to the public. Doors open at 19:30.

A 2 day music festival hosting famous and prestigious names of the international music scene in a unique co-existence with bands who have been distinguished by www.jumpingfish.gr. This year Jumping Fish Festival is bigger than any other year, with great guests from Europe and America.

Ojos de Brujo, the phenomenon from Barcelona that stirs in all appearances with the heady alchemy in flamenco, ruba and hip hop, and Fun Lovin' Criminals, the epitome of New York cool with sardonic humor and the rebelious style, will be the headliners of these 2 days on 9th and 10th December, respectively. Both groups have huge and undiminished popularity in the Greek audience, which will have the opportunity to enjoy Ojos de Brujo for the last time in their farewell tour, just before their final breakup. Fun Lovin' Criminals enjoy a revival over the last 2 years with the release of 'the first party album of the decade' (last year's "Classic Fantastic") and the second career of unprecedented frontman Huey Morgan in british media.

Each night will be supported by bands that have received the anointing of Jumping Fish. Specifically on Friday 9th December the way for Ojos de Brujo will be paved by Travel Mind Syndrome, Brothers In Plugs and Los Mujeros. On Saturday 10th December before Fun Lovin' Criminals Expert Medicine, George Gaudy and Trap will appear. 

Return to www.jumpingfish.gr to learn more details about the festival and access exclusive information and win invitations.

Friday 9th December: Ojos De BrujoTravel, Mind Syndrome, Brothers In Plugs, Los Mujeros.

Saturday 10th December: Fun Lovin' Criminals, Expert Medicine, George Gaudy, Trap.