Yoki Attitudes suggests: European Day of Languages - a documentary about the για την τσακώνικη διάλεκτο «A Groussa Namou» will be screened in Athens, as part of the European Day of Languages event program, on Thursday, 13/10/11 at the European Parliament Office, 8 Amalias av. (metro station: Syntagma). Discussion will follow.  Starts at 19.00. Admission is free to the public. Display of ID is required.



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The screening of Elissavet Laloudaki's & Massimo Pizzocaro's documentary will be the focus of this event organized by the Annex of Athens General Administration of Translation of the European Commission on Thursday 13th October 2011.

The European Day of Languages is an insitution which this year celebrates its 10 years. Established in 2001 by the Council of Europe with the support of the European Union and seeks to highlight the importance of language learning and promote the linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe. On the occasion of the day of languages (26th September), and also during the weeks that follow, a series of events will take place throughout Europe (see also the full list of events for 2011 here)

Be noted that the 20th century was a century of cataclysmic changes for the linguistic variety  για τη γλωσσική ποικιλία. According to Unesco, in several linguistic areas is estimated that 90% of the existing languages will be within the next 100 years.

The example of the Tsakonian dialect is characteristic: the sole 'survivor' of the Doric dialect, now sinking into oblivion. A few thousand  people in a restricted area in Kynouria continue almost stubbornly to speak their ancient dialect, knowing that next generations will not know it in order to spread it. The documentary approaches the subject as a whole: the language is not dried out, disconnected from history and the particular social structures in the region. The burder is shared in two central issues: why was the dialect maintained and why it's disappearing.

According to the directors, by cinematographic terms, the human 'material' proved to be a treasure. At Tsakonia still lives in an old world, a world that for centuries refused to evolve. Having kept besides its ancient language, an old fashioned lightness. So, on the occasion of a language that is dying, we get to meet the Tsakonians, these special and charming people.

The relevant site: www.agroussanamou.gr

This documentary (duration: 52') participated in the 13th Documentary Festival of Thessaloniki (March 2011). Also participating in the 5th Documentary Festival of Chalkida (screenings: Friday 7th & Saturday 8th October 2011).