Swap not Shop! ΞΑΝΑ & ΞΑΝΑ! // ATHENS

Swap not Shop! ΞΑΝΑ & ΞΑΝΑ! // ATHENS

So gather all the clothes that you don't need but you want to exchange and come to the next Swap not Shop! on Sunday 8th May 2011, from 14.00 till 21.00, at the most beautiful garden of the city, at 6 d.o.g.s, Avramiotou 6-8 Monastiraki.

We don't want to repeat ourselves. S-w-a-p and party: clothes, shoes, accesoires in good condition. Give and take. «Six Dogs», garden, spring, music, fooling around, friends, all together and whatever, love and upcycling. You bring cotton blouse from the market, you take prada (and vice versa). You put also your good will, we are all together in this one. Not to take clothes without consideration, just in case...

You will also find the DIY workshop bench amending clothes. This time our gifted friend and designer CorΒo, will give us ideas and guidelines on how to cut/sew/decorate/glue/split your «new» clothes.

Feel good melodies and mini treats. Happy hour with iced juices and fruity multi coloured cocktails from the bar. Friends, dogs and smiles.

You can't have «Social Movement» without a little bit of help, right?. And whatever's left from the clothes we all take it to whoever needs it...If you know an organization, family, neighbourhood that needs them please let us know and we'll be there!

As you already know there is no economical profit through Swap not Shop! Our team has no money to gain and moreover pays for all expenses (transfers, hangers, materials, site, e.t.c.). Because we consider that we are all part of this -small- anti consumers movement- and in order for it to continue existing, we would like you to contribute with whatever you find appropriate exclusively for the organizational expenses.

Swap not Shop! Once again! Sunday 8/5, at the garden of 6 d.o.g.s, Avramiotou, Monastiraki. Informations: swishing.gr, facebook group: Swap not Shop! contact@swishing.gr Tel: 6942 444 734.

So, come, to swap and love!

The SNS Team