Friday 21st January - Principal Club Theater, Thessaloniki Saturday 22nd January - Gagarin 205, Athens Sunday 23rd January - Polichoros Politia, Patras

Tricky's performances always become a theme of discussion either before or after they occur. The first performance in Greece took place at Rodon on 1996, and it was just the beggining. The ritual created by this Knowle West Boy - this name represents not only the place where he was born but also the title of his new album - it is unique. Having started his career from the same group that created Massive Attack and Soul II Soul, he decided to follow darker paths.

His presence in the record business represents clearly the streets of Bristol and is possessed of a "darkness which animates, a joyous melancholy'. The depute of "Maxinquaye" takes its tile from his mother's name, who commited suicide when he was only 4 years old. Tricky, however, avoids the characterization trip-hop but as he says «as furher away as I run it is still here>>.

His latest album, named: "Μixed Race" explores once more the underground world. In his first single videoclip Tricky plays a boxer who's been threatened to 'sell' the game. But as he is in real life Tricky remains a fighter.


On 21, 22 and January 23 we will sink in the dark and restless spirit of Tricky and understand why this artist is full of contradictions and still so beloved in Greece.

Friday 21st January - Principal Club Theater, Thessaloniki


Saturday 22nd JanuaryGagarin 205, Athens
Sunday 23rd January - Polichoros Poltia, Patras

Ticket Prices:

30 & 35€ Athens, 25 & 30€ Thessaloniki και 20, 25 & 30€ at Patras.

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Thessaloniki: Metropolis, Tickethouse &
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