Audiovisual performance and video //MONTHS by LUNICON on the first floor of Booze Cooperativa. THURSDAY 23rd December - Time 21.00 - Duration 60 λεπτά Entrance 8€    

MONTHS by LUNICON on the first floor of Booze Cooperativa.

This is an audiovisual live performance of the 12 songs of cd ΜONTHS composed by Yiannis Economides. Video art and electronic music meet in this performance. The 12 video creations of visual artist and musician Yiannis Economides perform a simultaneous action picture and sound the atmosphere and thesound palette of each song.

Cd MONTHS, reports the emotional and experential relationship of the composer, Yiannis Economides (Lunicon) in regards to the months of the year.
The months of the year are the uninvited, but consistent with their appointment, visitors in our lives, heterogeneous and unique, unpredictable and sometimes refreshing,sometimes unexpected and indolent...
The promising and auspicious January, the suffocating and incoprehensable February, The peppy and melodius March, The bright and but yet mutable April, the vigorous but also romantic May, the thunderous and enthusiastic June, the carefree and companionate July, the indolent August, the enigmatic and bitter September, the mysterious and restless October, the melancholic and wet November, the joyful December.

The songs:
1. January Breath
2. February Land Escape
3. Nature's Game in March
4. The Strings of April
5. May Gallop Away
6. The Vibes of June
7. July Sailing Moons
8. August Nude
9. September Enigmatic Love
10. October Mystery Train
11. November Waltz
12. December Bohemian

The musicians 
Yiannis Economides (Lunicon), keaboard, guitar
Yiannis Philipoupolitis piano, keaboard
Mayia Siozou, vocals
Charalampos Paritsis, violin
Dimitris Kadis, v.j.

Cd MONTHS is an independent production and is supported by the record company Protasis. The distribution was made by SoundForge Music Group.

Yiannis Economides:
Yiannis Economides is active in the field of optical communication, music and composition. He worked as an art director in various magazines in Thessaloniki area and is also the writer of 2 books: Imagine - Design by Ikonomidis" (publications "University Studio Press"-2000) and "Alphabet Symbols - Messages of the form" (Publication Ελληνικά Γράμματα-2006).