19th December 2010, from 14.00 till 21.00, at the clothes exchange party, "Swap not Shop! NO LOGO" at ATOPOS (atopos.gr), Salaminos 72, at Kerameikos    

19.12.2010 Swap Not Shop! NO LOGO - Rip the labels of! @ ΑTOPOS

This addiction with brands and labels has started a war on the private and public space.

Naomi Klein, No Logo

We certainly get excited when a new item by " Carouzos or Gaultier enters our wardrobe - even more when it is free. What we realized is that famous brands and labels sometimes affects our taste - not to mention our creativity and our imagination. And because we believe that all clothes -brand or not- deserve the right to a 'new life' and to more love, this Swap Not Shop! will have NO LOGO!
So, we invite you on 19th December 2010, from 14.00 till 21.00, to the next clothing exchange party, "Swap not Shop! NO LOGO" at ATOPOS(atopos.gr), Salaminos 72, 104 35, at Kerameikos, together with the huge Shoboshobo giants in order to hang our clothes and accesories on their noses and fingers!
As always you bring your clean clothes, shoes, women's, men's, children's, in a bag, and you fill it with others. This time we ask you to remove the labels from the clothes that you bring to exchange. This way everything will be No Logoκι and everything you chose will be only because you loved it.
There will also be a workshop reprocessing bench and christmass wine for you! It goes without saying that we support every "non currency" activity such as Lunch Street Parties (lunchstreetparty.blogspot.com), the collective dinners organised by different neighborhoods in Athens, for at least a year now. The space has a bar so feel free to bring christmass goodies, tea, wine or  anything you would like to offer to eat or dring all together. Multi coloured furniture by LSP team will fill the are around ATOPOS pedestrian road.
As you know there is not even the slightest monetary purpose behind every "Swap not Shop". The group not only has no economic benefits, but bear the costs (transport, clothes hangers, material processing, site, etc.). 
Because we consider that we are all together in this  - small anti capitalistic movement - and in order for it to continue, we will have for the first time a small money box for voluntary aid of 2 euros solely for the costs of organization.

Yoki Attitudes say: Let's swap!

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