FILM (feat.Etten) at Gagarin205 // ATHENS

FILM (feat.Etten) at Gagarin205 // ATHENS

FILM return on the stage of Gagarin 205 Live Music Space, on Friday 21st January, together again with Εtten (Eleni Tzavara) on the vocals, for one unique movie set concert! The evening will open with the performance of the exceptional Nalyssa Green (quartet).

FILM (feat Etten) - opening act Nalyssa Green (NiMa Productions & Inner Ear )

The first 100 that will prepay their ticket will receive the 7" single "Berlin", on the day of the concert at Gagarin 205.

One of the most famous and loved Greek bands, Film has created, the last few years, their own unique path. They have toured extensively within Europe, with performances at the United kingdom, Switzerland, Spain and in the meanwhile they have been invited various festivals such us: RocOtocec (Slovenia), EuroSonic (Netherlands), SPOT (Denmark), Popkomm (Germany) και Iceland Airwaves (Iceland).
After the release of their first album, "Persona" (Inner Ear, 2009), they decided to test more systematically their forces abroad, where they held a series of successful appearances, while they cooperated with Hildur Kristin of Rökkurró for their new single "Harmur Fuglsins"(video teaser: ), which lyrics are in Icelandic. The remix version of this single was made by FM Belfast.
Emphasizing on the aesthetics of the concert, FILM cooperate for the first time with designer En Vit Ekorre ( & ) and lights director Dimitris Papathanasiou, creating a 'movie set' like live performance, combining the sense of the chilly shadow of the mountains of Iceland, that they have recently visited while creating Iceland Airwaves, with the contradictory against ice and fire, through their music and the particular close up video projections!

As we have already mentioned, the concert - that will be recorded - will start with Nalyssa Green (quartet).

On 21st January 2011 the doors will open on at 21:00 and tickets will be available at 12 euro from Ticket House (Panepistimiou 42 tel. 210 3608366) and online via

The albums & singles of Film, as well as some of the rest of Inner Ear's  ( productions will be available on sale at Gagarin 205. 

Gagarin 205 Live Music Space: Liosion 205, close to the Metro 'Attiki'. Tel
. 6944 814543 / Website:




Film - Gagarin205 - 2011 [Trailer] from FILM on Vimeo.

FILM - HARMUR FUGLSINS [Out Now] from FILM on Vimeo.


Nalyssa Green
Film poster
Etten (Eleni Tzavara)